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--- 08/30/2021 ---





Ida County Assessor, Joe Cronin, has been informed that the the first phase of the door-to-door inspection of all residential and agricultural dwellings in Ida County by Vanguard Appraisals of Cedar Rapids has been completed. Review and analysis work will continue until the expected completion date of 12/31/2021. 

This reappraisal project was approved by the Ida County Conference Board in February of 2017 and complies with the timeline authorized by the Conference Board when the contract was signed.

The purpose of the reappraisal program is to equalize property assessments so that each property is equitably assessed in relationship to the other properties in that property class.  Periodic inspections and reappraisal of properties is necessary because all types of properties do not increase or decrease in value at the same rate. Some properties physically deteriorate faster than others, and in many instances similar homes located in different areas of the county may differ in value due to economic factors.


  Jason Richter Kyle Colvin  


Data collectors with photo ID signed by the assessor will make interior and exterior inspections of all residential and agricultural dwellings.  They will be compiling information to be used to estimate the fair market value of each property.  Information to be collected includes type of construction, type of interior finish, physical condition of the property, age of structures, and exterior measurements.  A complete sales analysis, local construction costs, and economic conditions are also considered. Estimates of value will not be given at the time of inspection.

Property owners are asked to cooperate by allowing a complete inspection of their property and providing accurate information so that a fair and equitable assessment may be determined for each property. Accurate data will help Ida County residents avoid State Equalization Orders from the Iowa Department of Revenue.

The preliminary data collection process will begin in August of 2020.  The project is scheduled for completion December 31st, 2021.

Notice of final value estimates will be mailed to each property owner after January 1, 2022.  The property owners will have an opportunity to meet informally to discuss their revaluation in the spring of 2022.

The new assessed values will be effective for January 1, 2022 for taxes payable in fiscal 2023-2024.

Representatives of Vanguard Appraisals, Inc. in conjunction with the Ida County Assessor’s Office will be conducting this project. Data collectors will make every attempt to comply with Covid-19 health and safety recommendations and will wear an approved mask upon request.

All law enforcement agencies as well as the Ida County Assessor’s Office will be apprised of the areas where data collectors are working.  They will also have a listing of all names and license plate numbers of anyone involved in the project.

If any property owner has questions regarding the reappraisal project, they are urged to contact the Ida County Assessor’s office at 712-364-3622 or email jcronin@idacountyia.us


Helpful Hint: When searching parcels by PID (parcel identification) number on the GIS Map, do not use the dashes in the PID. To search 01-20-301 you would enter: 0120301.

--- 02/10/2021 ---

If you are looking for CSR II values, check out our Soils Reports on the GIS Map.. Start on any Tab ('Navigation', 'Search','Tasks', 'Analysis'), then click on any parcel on the map. A small information window will open. Click on 'Soil Report', then on 'Click Here' and a printable PDF soils report will load for you, complete with assessed values for the parcel.

--- 12/02/2020 ---

We are now using Surveying And Mapping, LLC as our GIS provider. The technology platform is the same Esri ArcGIS that we have been using. You may notice some slight differences that will become more familiar with use. There are YouTube Training Videos that are available through a button towards the right-hand end of the toolbar under the Navigation tab. A few minutes with them will accelerate your familiarity with the functionality of the map. If you find there are more layers showing than you would like, you can click on the Layer List button and check and uncheck boxes for the different layers that you would like to have displayed. If you find yourself at a roadblock, give the office a call, and Shelby or I will do our best to help you out.


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Subscribers: Parcel tax information is available with one click after executing a Real Estate Search. Click on: Tax Information:TAX INFORMATION  under the Property Report icon.


Property Tax 101 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cYiBolo3q4

Assessed Ag versus Taxable Ag Value Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB9WLg7pZBo&feature=youtu.be


The GIS map is funded by Ida County property tax payers without the need for a subscription.

 You may need to disable pop-up blockers for better printing results from the GIS map.


When researching CSRII points in Sales Data, dividing the total CSRII points by the total acres will get you close on the average CSRII per acre. If you would like something potentially closer, you can click on the Farms Soils Report available for each ag parcel. You'll find it toward the upper left after you have highlighted a parcel and clicked on View Additional Details.

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